LC047 -- How do I do a basic cleaning on a SwimSpa with System Wash?

We have a Swim Spa whirlpool (36°C) with approx. 900 l and a counter-swimming area (28°C) with approx. 6800 l and want to clean the pipes with System Wash.
1. is there a trick for the counter-swim area or do we actually have to add 5 l SystemFlush?
2. can we still use the water that is mixed with System Wash for watering the lawn?

The more the System Wash is diluted, the less effective it becomes. This is why it can sometimes even be necessary to use 2 bottles of System Wash for heavily soiled whirlpools. However, in a swimspa you have fewer pipes than in a whirlpool. Therefore, there will be less - if any - deposits in the pipes.

That's why you can use two bottles for 6,800 litres. To compensate, I would triple the exposure time. If, contrary to expectations, the water quality does not improve after cleaning with System Wash, you would have to repeat this cleaning with a larger quantity or carry out an intensive basic cleaning right away. You cannot use the water in the System Wash for the garden. It must go into the sewage system.

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