LC045 -- Lotus Clean Shock - strong bleaching effect on clothes and wood?

What should I bear in mind when transporting, storing and using Lotus Clean Shock? How strong a bleaching effect does the product have on clothing and wood?

Lotus Clean Shock consists of two ingredients that produce a highly oxygenated gas in a reaction. This gas is used to disinfect the whirlpool water. To prevent the bottles from bursting, they have a special degassing cap. Unfortunately, in some cases it can happen that liquid also escapes from the bottle when the degassing closure is in operation. For this reason, we pack the bottles in an additional plastic bag. The liquid is strongly bleaching, has a very high pH value and is a very strong alkali. For this reason, it must not get on any surfaces such as clothes, wood, etc., because this would result in bleach stains.

For this reason, Lotus Clean Shock should be taken out of the package immediately after delivery and stored upright. When Lotus Clean Shock is added to the whirlpool water, the high pH value is neutralised by the water and the Shock no longer has a bleaching effect in the water.

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