LC042 -- Water change in the whirlpool - How often - pipe cleaning with System Wash necessary

Since the change to Lotus Clean I am now standing before the 3rd or 4th water change (approx. every 6 months). Finally I used System Wash etc., although it didn't dissolve any dirt, because the water was clean and clear until the water change. Now I stand as I said before a water change again. The water is clean and clear again. What would you recommend me from your experience which I should consider nevertheless perhaps with the water change?

If no dirt or deposits have been removed during pipe cleaning with System Wash and the water is clear and clean, you can leave it in the whirlpool for 12 months during the next filling. You do not have to change it after 6 months.

Deposits can form in the whirlpool. This is rare when using Lotus Clean, but it can happen. These deposits can be caused by hard water, cream on the skin (sun cream), poor filtering and inadequate cleaning / disinfection. If you clean the pipes of the whirlpool with System Wash and there are no deposits from the pipes then you can be sure that everything is fine with the whirlpool.

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