LC039 -- Eye inflammation after disinfection with chlorine in inflatable whirlpool. Refilling necessary?

We recently got an inflatable whirlpool and have been disinfecting it with chlorine until now. Now I have had an eye inflammation for a long time and I assume that the chlorine is the cause. Now we would like to try Lotus Clean. Now my questions: Does the pool have to be refilled when switching to Lotus Clean? We don't have an ozonator. Why do we still need shock chlorination? Our pool is indoors and is very well protected from dirt.

Please refill the whirlpool because you already have harmful chloramines in the water. If the water is less than 4 weeks old, you do not need to refill the spa.

The Lotus Clean system care also works without an ozonator. You do not need shock chlorination when using Lotus Clean Basic and Lotus Clean Shock. Whether the whirlpool is inside or outside does not matter. The dirt gets into the water through the user. And there the bacteria multiply very quickly due to the high temperatures. Therefore you must always use the same water care instructions. No matter whether the whirlpool is inside or outside.

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