LC038 -- How long should I use only the Lotus Clean Shock with hard water in the inflatable whirlpool?

We have an inflatable whirlpool and have used Lotus Clean Shock as specify. In the internet I read that it is advantageous to use only Lotus Clean Shock in the first 2 months or that it is only possible to work with Lotus Clean Shock. Is this how it works with Lotus Clean Shock alone? At what concentration? Or is o.3 ml/l then sufficient as concentration?

If you only use Lotus Clean Shock without Lotus Clean Basic I would always keep the Shock content between 0.6 and 1.5 mg/l. You can measure the Shock content with our test strips. The Shock level must be slightly higher because you do not have Lotus Clean Basic in the water. The Lotus Clean Basic would keep your water free of bacteria even in the absence of Lotus Clean Shock . If there is no Lotus Clean Basic in the water and the Shock content goes to 0 mg/l, bacteria can multiply rapidly. Therefore, you must measure the Shock content daily and dose the Lotus Clean Shock after.

Inflatable whirlpools usually have small filters with insufficient quality filter fleece. In addition, it is often not possible to set the filter running time. This can happen if you have hard water: Limestone forms. This limestone can settle and/or float in the water. If you have Lotus Clean Basic in the water, then Basic encapsulates this limestone. This can overload the filters and cloud the water. To prevent this, it is good to reduce the amount of Lotus Clean Basic  at the beginning or to start completely without Lotus Clean Basic.

With a water hardness of 7 to 10 °dH (degrees of German hardness) you can dose as normal according to the water care instructions.
For water hardness 11 to 14° dH the Lotus Clean Basic should be reduced to 30% of the indicated amount. For water hardness above 15° dH, only Lotus Clean Shock should be used in the beginning.

How long should I work with a reduced amount of Lotus Clean Basic or without Basic? The length of time will vary. The harder the water, the longer it will take until you can go over to the normal water care instructions. The water hardness is closely related to the pH value. As long as the pH value continues to rise, limestone is still present in the water. As soon as the pH value remains stable and no longer rises by itself, the limestone has disappeared from the water. This can be 4 weeks or longer with very hard water.
This means that you can return to the normal water care instructions if the pH value no longer rises. With our SoftWater Pads you can greatly shorten this process because with these pads you get the calcium out of the water.

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