LC036 -- More frequent infections in children due to SwimsSpa with Infinitas system with copper ions?

I own a SwimSpa from Spa-Natural with an Infinitas system that disinfects the water with copper ions. Since I don't really trust the water quality due to frequent infections of my children, I came across your products while searching for solutions. As I am not a trained chemist, I have some questions: Which Lotus Clean products are suitable for additional disinfection?  Can "normal" pH-Minus be used to stabilise the water balance? Can I use Lotus Clean products such as Shock and Filter Wash Natural for cleaning when changing the water without dangerous chemical reactions occurring with the ion system?

The copper ion system is very good for protection against algae. But with bacteria the copper ions are not very effective. Copper ions are even ineffective against many bacteria. The bacteria, which are not killed by copper, attach themselves to the pipe walls and produce a biofilm. In this biofilm bacteria that are not immune to copper find a place to multiply. Copper ions cannot penetrate the biofilm. About 95 to 99% of all bacteria in the SwimSpa live in the biofilm. Only 1% to 5% are free in the water. The biofilm grows more and more. Parts are torn freely by the current. And thus also billions of bacteria. This will probably be the cause for the frequent infections of your children.

Which of your products are suitable for additional disinfection? 
You can take Lotus Clean Shock. Lotus Clean Shock penetrates the BioFilm and kills the bacteria in the BioFilm. It works against bacteria, viruses, fungi and mildew.
Can "normal" Ph-Minus be used to stabilize the water balance?
You can use any normal commercial pH-Minus granulate to lower the pH value.
Can I also use your products (e.g. Lotus Clean Shock, Filter Wash Natural) for one-time cleaning during water changes without dangerous chemical reactions with the ion system?
You can combine all our products with the copper ion system. The copper ions hardly react with other chemicals. But in the long run you will have problems with the copper ion system.


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