LC035 -- Water with musty smell after treatment with Lotus Clean Shock

We have increased the addition of Lotus Clean Shock and are at about three times the recommended dose. The water is clear, but has a very musty smell. Despite the high amount of Lotus Clean Shock, the measuring strip still shows a value of 0. According to this, Lotus Clean Shock would be underdosed, but I am concerned about overdosing, which would otherwise endanger foil. How should I proceed?

The Lotus Clean Shock is a strong base (pH above 12). In undiluted form it bleaches the foil. When you add it to the water, the base is neutralized (pH value 7.0). It is then completely harmless for the foil. In contrast to chlorine-containing or bromine-containing agents. These agents contain and form acids in the water and can thus extract plasticizers from the foils and plastics and thus damage them. The plastics fade and become brittle. This cannot happen to you with our products.

A musty smell indicates deposits in the pipes. Also the fact that the Lotus Clean Shock drops very quickly back to 0. This happens because the Lotus Clean Shock oxidizes and removes the deposits. If there are a lot of deposits, the Lotus Clean Shock quickly disappears. Unfortunately I can only give you the tip to leave the Shock content permanently between 0.5 and 2.0 mg/l. As soon as all deposits are oxidized, the Shock content will stabilize over several days and will not decrease further. When you're not going swimming. After a bath, the Shock content decreases because organic dirt has been introduced into the water. During the time you permanently have Lotus Clean Shock in the water, you can reduce the addition of Lotus Clean Basic by 75%.

I cannot recommend intensive basic cleaning for a foil pool. But you could try cleaning with System Wash. It can remove many deposits that you don't have to oxidize with Lotus Clean Shock.

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