LC034 -- Can Lotus Clean be combined with the ACE system from Hotspring?

What does the ACE Electrolysis system from Hotspring do? And is it possible to combine the ACE Electrolysis and Lotus Clean?

The ACE Electrolysis system from Hotspring works as follows: In electrolysis, sodium and chlorine are generated from sodium chloride (common salt) by means of electricity. The water is therefore disinfected by chlorine. The advantages of this method: the chlorine does not have to be dosed into the water by hand and no cyanuric acid is introduced into the water. The disadvantages of this method: harmful chloramines are formed. The efficiency of the chlorine also depends on the pH value.

It is certainly possible to combine ACE Electrolysis with Lotus Clean water care. What do I have to consider when combining? The electrolysis is set to the lowest level. The pH value is ideally adjusted between 7.0 and 7.4. The combined chlorine (chloramines) are measured regularly. At values above 2.0 ppm, a shock treatment with Lotus Clean Shock or a partial water exchange is carried out. Lotus Clean Basic is dosed according to the operating instructions. The water should be changed every three months.

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