LC033 -- Is Lotus Clean Basic itself decalcifying, or is it only Lotus Clean Calcium Ex which does that?

Does Lotus Clean Basic have a decalcifying effect or is it only Lotus Clean Calcium Ex that decalcifies?

Lotus Clean Basic removes excess minerals from the water. However, this is a process that can take several weeks. The water contains minerals in a dissolved state. These dissolved minerals cannot be removed by Lotus Clean Basic. These minerals are in a chemical equilibrium with carbonic acid. By heating and swirling the water, the carbonic acid escapes and the chemical equilibrium with the minerals is dissolved. Limestone is formed. This resulting limestone is encapsulated by Lotus Clean Basic and is then disposed of via the filters. Since this process of limestone formation (especially shortly after filling) can occur very quickly and very massively, Lotus Clean Basic is often overloaded because the dosage is not sufficient for massive limestone formation.

There are currently three methods to prevent this massive limescale formation:
1) Use of Lotus Clean Calcium Ex. This agent does not soften the water. It surrounds the calcium-forming ions and thus prevents limestone formation.
2) Always keep the pH value of the water below 8.0 during the first weeks. Limestone formation occurs at pH values above 8.0. After a few weeks, the carbonic acid outgassing stops and the pH value remains stable by itself.
3) Use our Lotus Clean Calc Down Pads, Calcium ions are exchanged for sodium ions in these pads. As a result, the water becomes softer and can no longer form limestone.

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