LC032 -- Do you always need to use Lotus Clean Basic with Lotus Clean Shock?

Do you always need to use Lotus Clean Basic with Lotus Clean Shock or is it enough to just use Basic on its own?

Lotus Clean Basic on its own may be enough, however, I can't promise this with 100% certainty. In these 5 cases, we recommend the use of Lotus Clean Shock.

1) If there are already deposits in the pipes, it is possible that Lotus Clean Basic will cover them and encapsulate these deposits. This process will overload the Lotus Clean Basic and the encapsulated deposits will later flake off and end up in the water.
2) If the whirlpool has a "cheap" unbranded filter, this will compromise the filtering.
3) If the water isn't filtered for long enough or the filter isn't sufficiently clean, the encapsulated pollutants will not be filtered out of the water. This can cause clouding and deposits on the sides of the whirlpool.
4) Because Lotus Clean Basic also encapsulates the minerals in the water and carries them out of the water over time, in some areas where the water supplied has a high level of minerals, this can place an unusually high load on the Lotus Clean Basic.
5) The efficacy of Lotus Clean Basic gradually builds up. Lotus Clean Basic will work best after 3 months.
In our experience, 80% of our customers have no problems at all when they only use Lotus Clean Basic . But because we strive for 100% good results, we also offer Lotus Clean Shock. We recommend using Lotus Clean Shock according to the dosage directions for the first few weeks or even a little more if necessary.

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