LC030 -- Can Lotus Clean Shock be combined with Aquafinesse products?

Is your Lotus Clean Shock also compatible with Aquafinesse products? We want to get away from shock chlorination because of the extreme increase in the cyanuric acid content in the water. When the Aquafinesse has been all used up we could switch to your products. Is there any kind of dispenser that would always keep the amount of Lotus Clean Shock in the spa at 1 ppm?

You can use our Lotus Clean Shock in combination with AquaFinesse. The will give you the following advantages:

- No more chloramines form
- Existing chloramines are destroyed
- No more cyanuric acid in the water
- The water is no longer corrosive to metals
- The water does not generate any fumes which destroy the plastic parts (cushions, nozzles, insulation cover)
- Lotus Clean Shock also works very well at high pH values
- The skin and subcutaneous tissue are not damaged, unlike chlorine
- No carcinogenic trihalomethanes are formed
- Existing biofilms are penetrated and bacteria located therein are killed
- Lotus Clean Shock is not reduced by heat. In contrast to chlorine, Lotus Clean Shock remains effective in the water for a considerable period of time

Lotus Clean Shock is a liquid. Therefore, you cannot dispense it with a dispenser. However, this does not present a problem. Lotus Clean Shock is only reduced by organic dirt and grime, not by heat and not by swirling water. In contrast to chlorine, Lotus Clean Shock remains stable in water for a very long time.

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