LC029 -- Can I empty my outdoor whirlpool in winter?

I want to discontinue using my outdoor whirlpool for a long period of time. From experience we know that we only start using it again in spring – in March or, more likely, April. I don’t think it’s sensible to maintain the whirlpool at 37 degrees the whole time, which is why I'm considering two other options:
1.) Lowering the temperature to 16 degrees and then increasing it again in April.
2.) Completely draining the water and then refilling in April.
Which procedure would you recommend here?

I would prefer lowering the water temperature and leaving the water in the whirlpool with a reduced filter run time (about 3 hours per day). Why? There are two dangers when emptying a whirlpool. If residual water in the pipes or nozzles freezes, this can cause frost damage and the whirlpool could be damaged and start leaking. Over the winter, you can stop adding Lotus Clean Shock. Adding approx. 50 ml of Lotus Clean Basic to the water every 4 weeks will be enough. Also filter cleaning needs to take place only every 6 to 8 weeks, because no dirt is being brought into the whirlpool.

The second danger is the formation of biofilm. About 40 to 50 liters of residual water remain in the pipes following draining. You can never completely empty a whirlpool. This water can now begin to get putrid because bacteria are multiplying in it. If you drain the water, you should fill the whirlpool in spring, heat it up, and then perform a thorough cleaning with 1 bottle of Lotus Clean System Wash and 1/2 bottle of Lotus Clean Shock.

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