LC028 -- I have lots of gel-like flakes in the water. What can I do about it?

I have lots of gel-like flakes in the water. What is it, and what can I do about it? Are these flakes dangerous?

Lotus Clean Basic  encapsulates organic contaminants. This always happens fully automatically in the water if you add Lotus Clean Basic . As long as these contaminants float in the water, they will be encapsulated and filtered out. This means that the water in the Lotus Clean system is maintained clear, and free of germs. However, if there are deposits on the inner walls of the pipes, Lotus Clean Basic will try to encapsulate these deposits as well by settling on top of them. This forms a gel-like layer that can be up to 2-3mm thick. At some point, a portion of this covering is torn off by the flow of water into the piping. A chain reaction then occurs as the remaining coating is also torn off by the flow. This releases a lot of these flakes.

What can cause these deposits?
- Using a dosage of Lotus Clean Basic and Lotus Clean Shock that is too low
- Existing deposits from test water at the factory
- Existing biofilm from previous cleanings with chlorine, etc.
- Reactions between cosmetics and Lotus Clean Basic 
- Limescale that is clinging to the piping

How can I remove these deposits?
These deposits are very difficult to remove with chemicals. Still, the deposits are harmless. In the next 4 weeks, add as much Lotus Clean Shockto the water as needed so that you always measure 0.5 ppm Shock content with the test strips. During this period, adding 40 ml of Lotus Clean Basic per week is sufficient. Use a rubber band to fasten a pair of women’s stockings over the suction filters of the pumps to get the flakes out of the water. As a rule, the flakes only form one time and the situation won’t repeat itself. If you’re not able to remedy the problem using the steps above, please contact me. We will then perform an intensive basic cleaning of the spa tub.

Are these flakes dangerous?
Since they are encapsulated, these flakes are not dangerous. The water is and remains clean. Nevertheless, just to be on the safe side I would regularly add Lotus Clean Shock to the water. Make sure you add enough so that you consistently measure 5 ppm with the test strips.

How can I avoid these flakes?
1) Avoid underdosing of Lotus Clean Basic and Lotus Clean Shock
2) Make sure you’re not getting limescale buildup. Add enough SoftWater to the water and keep the pH below 8.0. If you have limescale, lower the pH value of the water to 5.0 until the limescale has disappeared.
3) For very hard water, we recommend you use a water softener when filling your spa tub.
4) Run filters for a sufficient amount of time – at least 6 hours a day – and clean them thoroughly and frequent with filter cleaner and a very strong jet of water.
5) Avoid using creams or cosmetics if you’re going to enter the water. If necessary, shower beforehand and do not use any moisturizing lotions. If you want to be sure about what you can use, proceed as follows: mix a small sample of the lotion or cream with Lotus Clean Basic in a 1:1 ratio. If the lotion thickens and becomes creamy, then it’s not suitable.
6) As a precaution, the Lotus Clean Shock content can be maintained at 0.5 ppm and Lotus Clean Basic can be reduced to 40ml per week.

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