LC025 -- Can I use Lotus Clean even in a 10,000 litre swim spa?

Can I use Lotus Clean even in a 10,000 litre swim spa? ?

The cleaning of the water in a swim spa is in one sense easier to achieve, and in another sense harder to achieve than with a jacuzzi. It is easier because the water temperature is lower. Also the amount of grime that ends up in the water is lower because, as a rule, it is only used by a few people.

In summer the swim spa is left open for a longer time and kids splash around in it. This means a lot more grime gets into the water compared to a Jacuzzi. For this reason, we have specified relatively high amounts of Lotus Clean Basic and Lotus Clean Shock in our water maintenance manual. Those amounts are 100ml Lotus Clean Basic and 100ml Lotus Clean Shock per week. If the swim spa is used by two people 3-4 times a week who shower beforehand, and the swim spa is covered when not in use, then the amount of Lotus Clean Basic and Shock can be lowered. I know people who manage with 50ml Lotus Clean Basic and without Shock. Another large factor here is whether the swim spa has additional ozone or UV disinfectant. These also reduce the amount of Lotus Clean required.

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