LC022 -- A slippery film has developed on the walls and the floor of the whirlpool. What is going on?

A slippery film has developed on the walls and the floor of the whirlpool. What is going on?

The slippery film can occur especially early on. Especially at the beginning period, Lotus Clean can be somewhat overburdened. The mechanism of action of Lotus Clean Basic consists of encapsulating foreign matter at the molecular level. This encapsulated foreign matter is then clumped into somewhat larger units and filtered out of the water by the filter. Especially during the initial period, there can be very large amounts of foreign matter in the water. These may include:

- naturally occurring minerals in the water
- fats, oils, skin scales (especially in the early period, the lymphatic system in the skin is stimulated to work harder by the warmth and the massage action, and toxins, fats and contamination that has been stored in the skin all year is now excreted from the skin into the water and must be encapsulated by Lotus Clean Basic.)
- Biofilm deposits in the tubing are dissolved and encapsulated. (These deposits always develop in whirlpools treated with customary disinfectants such as chlorine. These biofilms may even be present in a new whirlpool. This is due to the residual water in the tubing which may not have been fully removed during test operation at the factory.)
- Excessive use during the initial period. People are especially likely to use a new whirlpool every day. Later, the intensity of use tends to diminish somewhat.

You can wipe off this slipper film with a cloth and increase the filtration time. Clean the filter thoroughly. Increase the amount of Lotus Clean by about 30 to 40 percent. You can get rid of this slippery film even more rapidly and thoroughly by using Lotus Clean Shock. In the evening, add about 50 ml/1000 liter Shock in the water. Repeat this procedure during the following days until the slipper film has disappeared. Normally, it will already be gone after the first addition of Lotus Clean Shock.

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