LC018 -- How do I proceed with a thorough cleaning of the whirlpool?

How do I proceed with a thorough cleaning of the whirlpool?

Sometimes problems crop up that cannot be resolved. Deposits and biofilm may settle in pipes, especially in new spas, but also in spas have been empty for long periods of time or spas in which chlorine was used during operation.

New spas:
New spas are filled with water at the factory in order to test for leaks. Fresh water is not used in these tests. Rather, the water employed in the test is repeatedly used and is therefore contaminated with dirt and bacteria. Cleaning agents, solvents, glues and dirt can also enter pipes during assembly. Spas can never be emptied 100%. Several liters remain in the pipes for weeks, where the liquid festers and forms biofilm.

Spas that have been empty for long periods:
Again, the problem here is the water remaining in the pipes (up to 50 liters at times). This water begins to fester and become moldy.

Spas that are repeatedly disinfected with chlorine or other disinfectants:
Bacteria have developed an ingenious strategy for survival. They form a slimy coating in which they wrap themselves. This coating is called biofilm, and sticks to the inside of pipes. Chlorine is unable to penetrate this coating. This means that the bacterial population can multiply rapidly even in a well-chlorinated spa.

This biofilm, along with deposits and to an extent mold, can sometimes initially lead to problems when operating a spa and using SpaBalancer. SpaBalancer slowly detaches these contaminants from pipes. However, this also overloads SpaBalancer when the product is initially used. In some instances, it may take up to three months before SpaBalancer has properly cleaned a spa. To expedite this process, we recommend a thorough cleaning of your spa.

To thoroughly clean your spa:
Take one bottle of Lotus Clean System Wash for a spa. One bottle of Lotus Clean System Wash is adequate for a spa that holds 1,500 liters of water. In particularly tough cases, you can also double the amount used.

1. Remove filters
2. Shake the bottle well
3. Turn on all pumps and pour the bottle of Lotus Clean System Wash into the water
4. Allow Lotus Clean System Wash to work overnight
5. The next day, turn on your pumps for another 20 minutes
6. Empty the spa
7. Rinse pipes thoroughly using a nozzle and a garden hose
8. Fill the spa with fresh water

To ensure that all broken up biofilm and bacteria are reliably killed, add 150 ml of Lotus Clean Shock for every 1,000 liters of fresh water. Allow the Shock to work overnight, then empty the spa the next day. You can now be sure that no residual deposits and no more dirt remain in the pipes of your spa.

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