LC017 -- I use Lotus Clean and yet my water in the whirlpool smells. What is the reason for this?

I use Lotus Clean and yet the water in the whirlpool smells musty and foul. What is the cause of this and what can I do about it?

In 99% of all cases it is not the water that smells, but the whirlpool rim and the insulating cover. The moisture is "trapped" between them, so to speak. This moisture is not cleaned and starts to rot. This creates the unpleasant smell. The filters may also not have been cleaned properly or they may have been in use for longer than a week. This can also lead to a musty or foul smell.

Regularly clean the whirlpool tub rim and the insulating cover with a disinfectant. In rare cases, the dosage of Lotus Clean was not sufficient. Increase the dosage in the short term and ensure that the dosage and filter cleaning are carried out regularly.

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