LC016 -- What should I pay special attention to when filtering and cleaning filters?

What should I pay special attention to when filtering and cleaning filters? Which cleaning agents should I use?

Modern cartridge filters are made of a special fabric that has millions of tiny passages. These passages trap and hold back dirt. Improper cleaning can result in bacteria developing in the fabric and forming a biofilm which protects them. Fats, oils and skin cells than become a food source for the bacteria. When this happens, the filter turns into a source of pollution for the water. In addition, contaminated filters lead to higher electricity consumption by the filter pump and shorten the life of the filter pump.

Please consider the following when filtering and cleaning filters:
1) Filter the water for at least 6 hours a day.
2) Clean filters every 2 weeks. The time interval may vary depending on the frequency of use and water contamination. Testing by feel: if slimy deposits have collected in the ribs of the filter, the filter needs to be cleaned.
3) Always clean the filter with a filter cleaner. Rinsing is insufficient because the deposits which accumulate in the capillaries of the filter fleece are partly fatty and difficult to rinse out.
4) Let the filter dry out thoroughly after cleaning.
5) In case filters get extremely dirty and are no longer white, they can be soaked overnight in a solution of SpaBalancer UltraShock (approx. 20 ml per 10 l water) and afterwards they will look like new.
6) Always keep a spare filter so you can use it for the hot tub while you are cleaning the other filter.
7) Do not use sponge filters (Microclean filters). These filters can not be cleaned and so become a breeding ground for bacteria.
8) Dispose of filters and replace them with new ones after a year running time.

I recommend the use of our Lotus Clean Filter Wash Natural. It dissolves deposits very well, does not foam and is made from environmentally-friendly herbal substances. It contains a special herbal substance which prevents the unpleasant odour which sometimes occurs with used filters. For rinsing, I suggest the Lotus Clean filter-cleaning head - it really is amazingly effective.

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