LC010 -- Is Lotus Clean completely healthy to use? A kinesiological test

Is Lotus Clean completely healthy to use? A kinesiological test of whirlpool water maintained with Lotus Clean.

I came across Lotus Clean while searching for skin-friendly water care for the whirlpool we’re planning, and saw that it has a lot of positive feedback on the internet.

Since I’ve already kinesiologically tested tap water and bottled water for its impact on the body for a number of individuals, I wanted to assess the water quality of a whirlpool.

I’ve previously tested the quality of whirlpool water treated with chlorine and reject it as totally unsatisfactory for us. In order to assess the water quality of a whirlpool maintained with Lotus Clean and its effect on the body, I had a bottle of whirlpool water sent to me. According to information from the owner, this water was in the whirlpool for about 6 months.

The central issue when testing the water was: what is the effect of water on the energy state of individual organs? To determine the energy status of the organs, I employ kinesiology testing with the arm. Here, one uses the change in tension of the musculature as an indicator of change. The easiest way to determine the change in tension is by way of the arm muscles. The area of the body to be tested is touched, the brain transmits thought information and a potential change in the musculature is simultaneously physically tested.

How is kinesiological testing explained? Every thought constitutes information. Any such information immediately triggers a variety of electrical and chemical reactions in the body. These reactions have a direct effect on the tension state of the body’s entire musculature.

Substances such as water also represent information. This information can affect the body’s field of tension and consequently also affect the body's musculature. Using the test subject, I examined the following organs and glands: thyroid, lung, thymus gland, liver, gall bladder, stomach, pancreas, spleen, small intestine, large intestine, genital organs, skin.

The energy state of the organs and glands represents a snapshot in time and can change rapidly. Still, it possesses a continually recurring personal level, comparable to the fitness level of a person with its individual ups and downs. If the personal energy level of an organ is permanently low, this leads to a state of unwellness and, if it remains that way for weeks, months or years, leads to physical problems and changes. I first investigated the momentary energy state of the organs and glands without whirlpool water. Next, I placed the whirlpool water on the hand of the test person and waited a while for the information from the water to be absorbed by the body. I then re-tested every organ and every gland for changes in energy state.

Results: Wholly positive. I was unable to perceive a deterioration in the energy state of any of the organs. This is an exceptionally good result, and one that I had not expected. This has prompted me to order a whirlpool and to treat the water with Lotus Clean. I have yet to test Lotus Clean affect in our own whirlpool, since it’s only scheduled to be installed in 3 months. I’ll be happy to provide feedback on the effect of our own whirlpool water at that time.

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