LC008 -- My water has a slightly pale green colour, not blue. What’s causing this?

The water in my whirlpool is slightly light green and not blue. What is the reason for this?

A slightly pale green colour of water is actually its natural colour. Most of the waters of Europe are not blue, but green. Blue water is due to the presence of salt or chlorine. Chlorine gives water a blue tint. Most water providers chlorinate tap water. So it’s possible, after filling the whirlpool, that the water looks blue in colour. When the chlorine disappears, so does the blue colour, and the natural colour of the water is revealed.

Another cause of the green discoloration can be a mineral dispenser (silver ions) such as Nature2 for example.

Only in the case of a dark green colour should Lotus Clean Shock be employed because the water has then most probably not been adequately cleaned.

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