LC007 -- Can I also use Lotus Clean with my whirlpool with sand filter?

Can I also use Lotus Clean with my whirlpool with sand filter? Or is only a cartridge filter allowed - because of the mandatory two-week filter disinfection?

In principle, using a sand filter is no problem. However, a sand filter should also be cleaned and back-flushed regularly.

Lotus Clean encapsulates foreign matter on a molecular level. The encapsulated contaminants end up in the filter. If they are not regularly removed, they may begin to rot, creating pollution which will reduce the efficiency of the filter. This can result in cloudy, unpleasant-smelling water.We highly recommend closing the valves before back-flushing and putting Shock in the sand filter - approx. 25 ml per litre of filter capacity. The Shock should remain in the filter for at least 12 hours before proceeding with the back-flush.

Lotus Clean Shock is a very powerful oxidant which also quickly and effectively destroys biofilm, so it is ideal for cleaning sand filters.

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