LC006 -- Can you use your spa with Lotus Clean in it if you have lung disease?

Can the Lotus Clean water care system for the whirlpool also be used if you have lung disease?

As far as this concerned, until now our customers have had only positive experiences with Lotus Clean . Below is a testimonial by one of our customers:

"For people with lung problems, Lotus Clean is the only way you can enjoy your hot tub (this goes for people with bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough, and COPD too). Chlorine and similar products only aggravate the disease. Lotus Clean is also great for folks looking to maintain their tan long after they've returned from vacation, since chlorine bleaches your skin in no time. I think it's appropriate here to point this out just a bit more. Also, the water is softer and your skin doesn't feel dried out while you're in the spa or afterwards. It's super easy to use. The only thing that requires a bit of effort is the initial filling. Every now and then I add some Lotus Clean Shock. Using both products gives you really excellent water quality for approximately 1 year (go ahead and test it).

Best wishes
Cliff H."

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