LC002 -- How often must I change the water in the whirlpool?

How often must I change the water in the whirlpool? When using Lotus Clean, should the whirlpool water be changed as frequently as when using chlorine?

When using chlorine or other oxidizing agents to disinfect water, dozens of chemical waste products are formed. We know that some of them are carcinogenic. With most of these waste products we do not know if they are harmful to health, or if so, how harmful. Furthermore the disinfecting performance of chlorine and other disinfectants is reduced if too many waste products have accumulated in the water. This is why the water should be changed every two months.

Lotus Clean works by encapsulation at a molecular level. No oxidisation processes are produced, so no chemical waste products can form and accumulate. Therefore the water does not have to be changed.

However, we still recommend an annual water change, so that any deposits which may have formed in the pipe system can be cleaned with Lotus Clean System Wash as the water is changed.

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