LC001 -- What does Lotus Clean contain and how does it work?

What does the Lotus Clean chlorine-free water care system for the whirlpool consist of? And how does it work?

Lotus Clean consists of a mixture of natural minerals. These minerals have the ability to encapsulate foreign substances at the molecular level. The encapsulated contaminants are clumped together and then filtered out. The impurities may be bacteria and other microorganisms. Calcium, manganese, and iron is encapsulated as well. Encapsulation also occurs with urea, dander and other larger particles.

Bacteria and micro-organisms:
Lotus Clean is not a biocide. It encapsulates bacteria. This encapsulated bacteria is then cut off from nutrients, which halts their metabolism and prevents them from dividing. This makes them harmless and rapidly filters them out through clumping. Bacteria always come into contact with water when using the hot tub. Some bacteria are very dangerous. If water is heated to 37 degrees Celsius and a rich supply of nutrients is present, many bacteria can double in number every 30 minutes. This means that hot tubs are usually unsafe with respect to your health. Lotus Clean encapsulates any bacteria present within a few minutes, which prevents proliferation. Because encapsulation is a physical process, bacteria cannot build up immunity and there are no dangerous waste products which might otherwise result from chemical reactions, e.g. from the use of chlorine.

Legionella bacteria are highly resistant to conventional disinfection. They often live within amoebae and as a result can be difficult to reach with traditional disinfectants. Once again, the principle of encapsulation works wonderfully and Legionella no longer pose a danger.

In addition to bacteria and microorganisms, many other substances are present in water that pollute it. These include e.g. urea, sweat, soaps, shampoos, dandruff and much more. Everyone who has ever been in a hot tub knows how clean his or her skin is afterwards. Numerous toxins from the skin are excreted through the activated lymphatic system and end up in hot tub water.All these substances are inadequately removed with conventional disinfectants. For filter cartridges, most substances are too small to be filtered out. The consequences are often very streaky, clouded water that typically foams and carries a variety of unsavory particulate matter with it. Since Lotus Clean encapsulates all these substances and clumps them together, they can be filtered out very effectively and the water always has the same crystal-clear spring-water quality.

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