Lotus Clean Digital pH tester

  • EWC1030

Lotus Clean digital pH tester

Lotus Clean digital pH tester for precise measurement of the pH value for your whirlpool.

The measuring instrument has a probe that can be calibrated exactly. For this purpose we supply you with 2x ready-to-use calibration liquid and a handy screwdriver.

 WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 43219916

Operating instructions pH tester

  1. Remove the cover cap.
  2. Switch on the device at the upper switch.
  3. Calibrate the device (must be calibrated at the starting time, then every 4 weeks).
  4. To measure, immerse the measuring diode of the pH tester in the water and stir it slightly. Leave it submerged until the values in the display do not change any more.
  5. After measuring, clean the measuring diode in distilled water and close the lid over the moist measuring diode. The measuring diode should not dry out.
  6. Switch off the device.

Step 1

Required materials:

  1. Digital pH tester
  2. Glass
  3. Scissors
  4. Calibration liquid

Step 2

Cut open the bag of calibration liquid.

Step 3

Pour the contents into the glass.

Step 4

Loosen the lid at the bottom of the tester.

Step 5

Turn on the tester at the top.

Step 6

Hold the tester in the glass with the calibration liquid.

Step 7

Take the screwdriver, you will find a suitable slot on the back. By turning the screwdriver you calibrate the tester.

Step 8

If the tester shows 7.0 it is correctly calibrated.

Measuring range: 0,00- 14,00 pH
Accuracy: +/- 0,1 pH
Temperature range: 0°- 60°Celsius
Calibration: Manual one-point calibration with screwdriver
Dimensions: 155mm x 29 mm x 13 mm
Weight: 65g

Maintenance and storage
If you have not used the pH tester for a long time and the measuring diode has been exposed to air, the display may show the values slowly and not regularly. You should then leave the pH tester with the measuring diode in water for several hours.
Please note: The measuring diode is easily broken. Please handle with care.

Low battery charge
If the display is no longer sharp or no longer shows at all, the battery should be replaced. Pay attention to the polarity of the battery.
Battery type: 3x1.5V(LR44 button cell)

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